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More Than Just Maintaining Your HVAC Systems

Air Duct Cleaning

The most neglected area of a home is the HVAC system. Unless something is visibly wrong, many may overlook this area for getting maintenance and cleaning services done. But did you know that dirty air ducts often create invisible problems before visible problems appear? The best way to ensure healthy indoor air quality is through scheduling regular air duct cleaning services with a trusted company like NOA Services.


Air ducts greatly affect the indoor air quality of a home or office space. Getting regular maintenance for your air duct systems can improve indoor air quality, help you save on energy bills, and extend your HVAC system’s lifespan.

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Chimney Cleaning

Chimney Repairs and Cleaning

A dirty chimney is not only a nuisance—they are dangerous. When you burn coal or firewood, chemicals called “creosote” build up in the flue. Creosote fosters soot creation, which if left unattended, can cause your fireplace to malfunction. Your chimney must be thoroughly cleaned periodically because behind the grate lie gases and chemicals that must be cleared out. At NOA Services, our professionals are available all year long to provide proper ventilation for your chimneys and avoid dangerous fire hazards.

Other Dangers of Dirty Chimneys

  • Chimney Soot Inhalation – If your family uses the chimney often during the winter, they may be inhaling the soot that gathers in the flue. This can cause lung hazards and respiratory illnesses.
  • Creosote Exposure – Creosote can build up in chimney flues because of incomplete wood combustion. The oily black substance can lead to skin and eye irritation, cancer, abdominal issues, respiratory problems, and more.

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can be deadly. When there is not enough oxygen in the fireplace to complete oxidation and combustion, the gas can form. It can lead to flu-like symptoms and organ issues.


Attic Insulation

A poorly insulated attic causes heat to pass easily. During the cold season, warm air rises naturally and can escape through the attic then leaves rooms even colder. This can leave your home to reach uncomfortably hot temperatures during the summer. If you are concerned about insufficient attic insulation in your property, NOA services can help.

Problems That Could Arise From Inadequate Attic Insulation

Here are some of the effects of poor attic insulation:

  1. Rooms directly beneath the attic could get too cold or hot
  2. Uncontrollable increase in electric bills and heating fuel
  3. Cold drafts sweeping inside the property during winter
  4. Recessed can light in the attic ceiling
  1. Attic floor joists can be seen above or between existing attic insulation
  2. Exposed attic ductwork above the insulation layer
  3. Less than 10 inches of attic insulation

Dryer Vent Cleaning

The top causes of house fires are dryer vent and chimney fires. Even with a lint screen, almost 50% of the lint your clothes produce still passes through the screen and into the dryer vent. It accumulates until it limits airflow, causing your dryer to overheat and increase the risk of fires. That is why it is important to keep your dryer vent clean.


According to the U.S. Fire Administration, clogged dryer vents cause 2,900 fires a year. Cleaning your dryer vent helps keep your home and your family safe from fire risks. Aside from that, regular cleaning keeps your dryer efficient and away from premature wear.

How to Know That Your Dryer Vent Needs Cleaning

Determining whether you need a dryer vent cleaning service or not could be difficult. We have listed a few things you need to look out for. If you experience the following, then it is time to call our team.

  1. Your clothes take too long to dry
  2. Your dryer is very hot when in use
  3. Your dryer emits a burning smell when in use
  4. Excessive debris in the lint filter
  5. Your clothes smell musty after being in the dryer

Carpet Cleaning

It may be easy for you to run a vacuum over your carpet, but it is nearly impossible to attain the same level of clean that a professional carpet cleaning service offers. Carpets collect dirt, dust, and debris that can cause health problems and severe allergic reactions if left unattended. NOA Services specializes in affordable carpet cleaning that does not compromise on quality.

Regular carpet cleaning can save you money by making your carpet last longer. We use cleaning materials that are free from toxic chemicals and hazardous ingredients, so our work is both child- and pet-friendly. 


NOA Services employ uniformed professionals and uphold family values like courtesy and hard work. Our staff has been thoroughly trained in proper carpet cleaning techniques. Aside from that, we use only up-to-date equipment and solutions that can better serve our customers. As part of our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction, we never leave a dirty workspace after our job is done. Our customers can count on services that leave their homes just as we found it, if not a little better.


  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Safe Environment
  • Clean Appearance
  • Extended Carpet Lifespan

Grout Cleaning

The grout is often overlooked despite maintaining the cleanliness of your home. Let us restore your property’s tiled surfaces and floors to their original condition. We will remove the buildup of dirt and grime. Whether you are moving into a new home or if you want to make your home look new again, grout cleaning is the service that you need. 


Chimney Special: $89

Includes: Free inspection

Dryer Vent Special: $79

Air Duct Special: $129 for unlimited duct work for a single furnace.